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Our Culture

At PPG, we aim to champion all employees, empowering them to be their authentic selves, and allowing everyone to reach their full potential.

We know that diverse teams perform better – period. Providing equitable experiences for all our people results in higher engagement, increased business performance and more opportunities for all. We will continue to elevate and celebrate underrepresented communities, while combating intolerance in all forms, both inside and outside of our workplaces.

2025 DE&I Vision & Strategy

Launched the 2025 diversity, equity and Inclusion (“DE&I”) Vision & Strategy, inclusive of nine employee commitments to continue to advance our global DE&I efforts and ensure a data-driven, measurable approach.

100% Human Rights Rating

Earned a 100% rating on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s 2022 Corporate Equality Index, which is a national benchmarking tool that ranks corporations’ policies and benefits pertinent to LGBTQ+ employees.

Diverse Candidates

Launched a pilot program in the U.S. using labor market data to build diverse candidate slates for recruitment.

Launched DE&I Ambassador Group

Launched an internal DE&I ambassador group composed of members of our global leadership teams. These global ambassadors serve as change agents across the Company, helping embed a sense of belonging for all.

Unconscious Bias Training

Extended our unconscious bias training efforts, with a primary focus on people managers.

Acquisitions Advance Our Diversity

Completed acquisitions of Cetelon, Ennis-Flint, Tikkurila, VersaFlex and Wörwag. This infusion of new employees brought fresh ideas, perspectives and insights that are not only delivering results to customers and stakeholders, but also helping to advance our DE&I efforts.

Employee Resource Networks

Expanded our Employee Resource Networks (“ERNs”) by further empowering three existing networks and launching five additional networks for increased representation. Our eight ERNs have grown to more than 7,200 members and are active in more than 60 countries.

Improving Employee Benefits

Expanded and enhanced benefits in the U.S. to better meet the diverse needs of our employees related to parental leave, fertility treatment, gender-affirmation coverage and hearing aid coverage.

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Our Communities

At PPG, our community engagement supports the Company’s purpose to protect and beautify the world.

Our efforts are focused on education, employee engagement and community sustainability, three areas that represent an intersection of our business strengths and our ability to create positive impacts across our communities.

Within education, we seek to build the next generation of diverse and innovative leaders in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (“STEM”). Our community sustainability investments deliver community transformations through colorful spaces, support essential needs (particularly in times of disaster), and provide opportunities to thrive in service of social justice. We activate the time and talent of our employees to make a difference in our local communities.

Throughout all of our community engagement activities, we integrate and uphold our values of diversity, equity and inclusion. Together with our community partners, employees and investments, we work to create pathways and impacts that address systemic racism and advance social justice.

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Our work during the pandemic was a continuation of our focus on communities every day. PPG and the PPG Foundation collaborate and engage with employees, community partners and other stakeholders to make our vision of bringing color and brightness to communities a reality. We dedicate financial contributions, apply our products and use the power of our employee volunteers to address the needs of our local communities and transform lives.

Our global giving totaled more than $13.3 million in 2021, supporting hundreds of community organizations. To ensure this investment had the greatest impact, we focused our resources on the areas that we are best positioned to support – education, community sustainability and employee engagement.

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Our COLORFUL COMMUNITIES® program represents a 10-year, $10 million commitment, bringing together PPG volunteers, local nonprofits, government organizations, PPG products and financial support to provide a fresh coat of paint, rejuvenated energy and sense of pride to community and educational spaces in need of a refresh.

Despite the limited opportunities for in-person projects due to the COVID-19 environment in 2021, we completed more than 50 COLORFUL COMMUNITIES projects around the world in 2021. Since the inception of the program in 2015, the Company has completed more than 385 projects across 42 countries, impacting more than 7.4 million people.

In 2021, PPG and the PPG Foundation outlined a commitment to invest $20 million by 2025 to address systemic racism and advance racial equity in the U.S. by funding educational pathways for Black communities and people of color. The commitment strengthens PPG's focus on education – a priority giving area for PPG and the PPG Foundation – and furthers its support of STEMd education. In 2021, we made progress toward achieving this important commitment by supporting programs that spark an early interest in exploration and discovery and encourage curiosity in the possibilities of STEM studies; help students see the connections between STEM ideas and real-life innovations and careers; and support diverse students entering advanced, post-secondary STEM studies.

We are committed to doing even more in the cities and neighborhoods that we call home. We will engage with our communities, our customers and our employees, to listen, learn and take action. As a global company, PPG can make a difference. Our purpose states that “we protect and beautify the world,” and this has never been more important than now.

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Key facts


PPG and PPG Foundation global giving in 2021.


Colorful Communities projects completed in 42 countries since 2015.


People impacted by Colorful Communities projects since 2015.


Committed to investing in educational pathways for Black communities and people of color by 2025.